Trophy bass fishing on world famous Lake Fork


“I would like to thank you for the three day guided trip that myself and my two son’s (Mike and Chris) took in early March.  We had never been to Texas to fish and the trip was part of a retirement gift for me.  You were very honest throughout the lead up to the trip about how tough Lake Fork was fishing but you had other options for us which were a blast.  We truly enjoyed learning more about how to fish for bedding fish and caught over 60 fish that I would estimate were between 3-5 ½ pounds.  Those fish are a lot different from the fish here in the Midwest.  While we did not catch the Trophy, you were still able to make it a very memorable trip for all of us.  You treated us like you had known us for a long time and truly were interested in us succeeding and having a great time.  I would recommend you to anyone that is looking at going to Lake Fork to catch fish and have a great time.  I hope our paths cross again sometime in the future.  I wish you and JJ all the best. Talk to you later and good luck fishing around the big guys this weekend.” – Dan Hirstein, Shawnee Kansas

“I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding fishing trip this past Saturday.  My brother(Bob), Randy and I had a great time.  The reason we had such a great time was not only you putting us on the fish, but you having an outstanding and very friendly personality.  You made us all feel welcomed as if we have known you for years.  That’s a rare quality that will serve you very well in the years to come.  Next time I get to come back to Fork, there is only one guide I will be calling.  I wish you nothing but the best.  Thank you again for a memorable  trip.” – Tom Myers, Haltom City, TX

“Trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much. I have taken maybe four guided trips on fork over the years. None compare with you for just downright being pleasant. Btw many people asked but I will keep my promise to you not to tell where. I caught three today ( sat. )All in the slot. Maybe tomorrow. Looking forward to fishing with you again next year. Hopefully with a pile of grandsons :) thank you again Andrew.” – Dale Thomas, Hawaii

“I have had the joy and privilege to fish with Andrew on numerous occasions over the last few years. It is always a blast to spend time with someone that has so much passion for what he does on a daily basis. Andrew is lucky enough to be living his dream and that attitude helps make your trip a dream come true. I grew up fishing Lake Fork and have had the opportunity to know and fish with many of the guides over the last 15 years. Now, I only fish with Mr. Grills and refer my friends, family and business associates to him.

It does not matter if you are trying to learn a particular technique or just trying to catch some fish you will enjoy your trip and walk away a with an enjoyable experience, and most of all a better bass fisherman.

Andrew, I cant wait until the next-time we get a chance to be on the water. Thanks a million for so many great memories.” – Justin Jones, Burkburnett, TX

“Andrew I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the hard work you put in to make this trip a very successful one for me and Blake. The honesty and dedication to your trade is one that puts you up on the professional guide scale. The day started with slim hope for the big fish we craved due to the weather, but like the true professional you are you made the day very enjoyable and rewarding. You put up with our joking around with you and even gave it back with a great sense of humor and patience. Of the 9 fish we caught you made sure we were in the right spot for big girls and it all paid off with the two 9 pound plus we got in the boat! I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to have an enjoyable and successful trip of a lifetime. Thank you once again and I hope your schedule will permit another opportunity to fish with you again. Regards” – Tom Ogden, Dallas,  TX

“Andrew, I cannot thank you enough for such a great day you guided Dan and I. Your professional, knowledgeable and gentle handling of a Newbie was greatly appreciated! I have told everyone about your great demeanor while putting us on fish! Dan and I figured the 50+ bass averaged 4-6 lbs equaling 200 lbs of bass! Everyone has asked about your combination of reading a lake along with your ‘gut-feeling’ that kept us on the fish all day long. Dan and I just grin! My first guided bass fishing trip ever will never be forgotten, and I have you to thank for that. Thanks for teaching a 64 year old how to use a baitcaster! Dan and a host of fellow fishermen that I am now a part of, want to go next time we book a trip. Your new Skeeter will not hold them all, we will have to have an armada! Thanks again for opening up a new sport for me! Best Personal Regards” – John Reeves, San Antonio, TX

“Andrew, I would have never imagined that in a couple of trips with you that we would have caught so many big bass on Lake Fork. Three over 8 pounds plus the thrill of my life when my son Jake put that 10 pounder in the boat. Jake and I wanted to let you know that we are very appreciative for you taking the time to show us the techniques necessary to be successful fishing on Lake Fork and helping us use our electronics effectively ( a must for Lake Fork fishing). Those techniques have helped us catch fish everywhere, not just Lake Fork. Looking forward to more trips with you.” – Curtis (Bud) Biram, Tulsa, OK

“I now have fished on two separate occasions with Andrew Grills and want to say that both trips were extremely enjoyable, very informative and productive too. My fishing partner and I were not familiar with Lake Fork and wanted to hire someone that could show us where to go and what to use. And, we just wanted to have a good time and catch some bass. First, I want to say that Andrew is a class act – very personable, passionate about fishing and anxious to ensure you have a good experience. While both of our trips were in the cold of December, my fishing buddy managed to catch a 7lb 1oz bass that tied his personal best. Just as important to us, we learned some specific techniques, including pitching a jig (Andrew’s passion) and retrieving a flutter spoon (I had no idea). Andrew is undoubtedly one of the young guns on Lake Fork and I would highly recommend him. My next guided trip may be in warmer weather, but I know it will be with Andrew!” – Scott Dash, Keller, TX

“Hey Andrew, I just wanted to thank you again for the great fishing experience! As a father I must tell you that you’re dad would be proud. Fishing aside, you’re a heck of a nice young man! Good luck with your guide service. I’ll be calling you soon about a couple of dates in June!!! Thanks again buddy!” – Kyle Ogden, College Station, TX

“Two of the biggest bass I have ever caught were with Andrew. He will put you on big fish and you will thoroughly enjoy spending the day with him.” – Wayne Coleman, Gilmer, TX

“I just wanted to thank you for such a great couple days of fishing on Lake Fork. When I called you I told you my PB was 5lbs and I would like to top it. You didn’t make any grandiose promises, but said we will see what we can do to change that. The first day I caught the 7lb and the next day a 9lb. Anyone wanting a great down to earth guide that will teach you any technique that you want to learn I would highly recommend Andrew. I have never had a guide work as hard to try and make my trip such a great experience.” – Pat McGruder, Frisco, TX

“I would like to take a moment and say that knowing and fishing with Andrew the last 4 years has been a great treat. He is a very avid and knowledgeable young fisherman. If you would like to have a great day fishing I recommend you spend it with him.” – William Campbell, Middlesboro, KY

“I’m really grateful for what I have learned from Andrew Grills. In my decades of bass fishing, I had never been able to catch a single fish on a jig. Several guides and friends had tried to help me learn this basic skill, but I never could turn their teaching into fish. However, Andrew not only honed my technique, but also, and more importantly, built my confidence. Andrew also helped me narrow my color selection to just 4 colors that cover almost all conditions. Now, I confidently fish a jig making color changes and trailer selections based on what I have learned from Andrew.” – Danny Hill, Tyler, TX