Trophy bass fishing on world famous Lake Fork

April 4 Lake Fork Report with lots of Big Bass Pictures!

What a month March was for big bass! The spring fishing season is going by fast here on Lake Fork. Right now, the water temperature is ranging from 65-70 degrees just depending on the area. The lake level is just under 2′ low.

Unusually warm temperatures throughout March and February triggered many of our fish to move up and spawn. Normally, the spawn is staggered out in stages from the upper ends of the lake down to the dam. Fish move up in waves and there are usually plenty of prespawn and postspawn fish, as well as fish on beds all at any given time. This year it sure seems like most of the fish moved up over the past few weeks.

That’s a great, however short lived scenario for bed fishermen. Not so good for those of us who target hungry pre and post spawners. The good news is that dilemma is almost behind us. April will be a month of postspawn feeding action. All those bass that moved up in March are going to be feeding up this month.

Areas to look for large groups of fish will be the mouths of spawning areas, secondary points on the way out, and main lake points as well. Topwaters will be good early, and there will be some days where the action continues into the afternoon. I’ll be focusing primarily on shallow areas, so square bills, swim jigs, chatterbaits, and light carolina rigs will be important tools.

I’m really looking forward to the fishing this month. I think it will be good, very good. If I can be of any assistance on your upcoming trip, please don’t hesitate to call.

Below are some pictures of big bass boated by my customers and I over the last few weeks here on Lake Fork.