Trophy bass fishing on world famous Lake Fork

August Lake Fork Report

The weather has been strange all year and July was no exception. The water temps are still very low for this time of year, while it seems hot out, it sure isn’t what the fish are used to this time of year. This has been caused by little cold fronts that are coming through on a regular basis. Finding fish right now can be challenging because they are comfortable in such a wide depth range, they can be scattered just about anywhere. In spite of all that, we are still catching good fish and I only expect it to get better. The hotter it gets, the more consistent the fishing will be. August is generally a very good month on Lake Fork. Lets just hope for some normal weather!

Right now I’m fishing a lot of depths, but I find myself close to 20′ most of the time. I narrow the depth down by keeping a close eye on my Lowrance HDS units. The right depth to be fishing will change throughout the day and everyday. I’ve been throwing all of the summertime lures like crankbaits, spoons, Carolina rigs, dropshots, and heavy shaky heads. My favorite lure this time of year is a Toadwrangler football jig because it consistently produces big fish like the one pictured below. Some days the fish can be a little jig shy, so you’ll just have to evaluate weather they will bite a big ole football jig or not. After a cool front, when the wind is calm and the barometric pressure is high, I’ll put down the jig and opt for a dropshot or shaky head.

If I can help you on your next trip to Lake Fork please let me know!