Trophy bass fishing on world famous Lake Fork

December Lake Fork Report

My favorite time of year has finally arrived! Fishing was very good throughout the month of November for me. While we didn’t catch a lot of giant fish, we had some very good days for numbers of quality fish. Naturally, things slowed down after the last week of November where we had extremely cold weather for this time of year. The good news is that drop in water temperature is exactly what we needed and now the bass seem to be recuperating. I love fishing in cold water because it usually means big bites! Of course our overall numbers decrease, but the quality will be there.

Right now we are catching most of our bass in 24-30’ of water. Each day I look at a series of spots until I find them. When I do, I have a flutter spoon, umbrella rig, carolina rig, and football jig to throw at them. Most of our fish over 7lbs have been on Mark Pack’s weedless football jig. The type of structure these fish are relating to are the ends of points, edges of humps, and roadbeds.

I am also very proud to announce that I just placed my order for a 2014 Skeeter FX20! Today I had the honor to meet the nice folks at the Skeeter factory right down the road in Kilgore, TX. I felt like part of the family when I walked through the door. Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I get to do what I do for a living! My office is getting a big upgrade for 2014!

The following pictures are from my last few trips. A couple of the pictures of myself were taken when I was out alone preparing for upcoming trips.

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