Trophy bass fishing on world famous Lake Fork

Lake Fork Report

Here’s a quick little Lake Fork report to share the current conditions and some pictures from a great trip with Denny! The fishing is pretty good right now on most days, but as always with Lake Fork, there can be a tough day in the mix.

The lake is exactly full pool at the time of this report, and that’s a wonderful thing! Heavy rain is forecasted for tomorrow, so I’m sure the lake level will be fluctuating some over the next few days. A full lake at the time of the spawn is critical to the future of our fishery. The water temperature is in the low 60’s across most of the lake.

I noted that I felt like most of the bass were spawning or had already spawned in my last report. I thought we just about out of prespawn fish. I still stand by that, however there was a pretty good little wave of fish move up since then. So, there are still a good number of fish on beds at this time. I’m sure looking forward to the coming weeks and hoping for a great post spawn bite here on Lake Fork.

If you’re planning a trip to Lake Fork, I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to help you!

Below are pictures from a great trip with Denny. On the second morning of our trip, Denny asked me if I would fish. (I never picked up a rod on the first day) So, I would wait until he covered an area, and then follow up with a few casts from the back of the boat before moving on. It ended up being a fun trip! I sure appreciate the repeat customers like Denny, who become  good friends.