Trophy bass fishing on world famous Lake Fork

Lake Fork Report

Lake Fork has produced some really nice fish for me and my customers over the past couple weeks! I’m looking forward to another successful fishing season for 2020. We have had an unusually mild winter so far here on Lake Fork. Water temperatures have stayed in the low 50s throughout much of the winter. Surprisingly, that can make the fishing a little more tricky this time of year, but we have done just fine.
The water level is rising as write this report. Lake Fork has been a little low all winter, but I expect we will be fishing a full lake before February is over.
Right now, I’m finding bass in prespawn staging areas. The further up the lake you go, and the further towards the end of major creeks, the closer the fish are to spawning. That means they’ll likely be relating to shallow cover more, and will be found closer to the areas where they will actually spawn. If you can find some aquatic vegetation in one of these areas, you’ve probably got something special.
From what I’ve observed, it seems like the biggest fish will try to spawn the earliest for the most part. The rest of the true giants seem to go at the tail end, when most of us think the spawn is completely over. It’s Lake Fork though, so you never know for sure.
Here are some highlights from the past few trips!
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Below are a few big Lake Fork fish I caught while out scouting a few days before clients came!
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