Trophy bass fishing on world famous Lake Fork

Lake Fork Report, August 29

Fishing is better than usual for this time of year here on Lake Fork. We’ve had some nice weather that has kept our highs below 90 over the past couple weeks. I can’t recall a more comfortable August.

In spite of recent rain, Lake Fork remains 1.3 feet low. The water color is good across most of the lake, and is slightly stained on the upper end of each arm. The water temperature is still in the mid 80’s.
I’m finding fish from very shallow water, down to about 15 feet. I’m starting shallow in the morning, and if the fish are biting I’ve been able to stay shallow most of the day. Topwater lures like spooks and soft plastic frogs are working great. Then I follow up with something a little slower like a weightless fluke or senko.
I’m getting some really nice fish shallow. The bigger fish have been mixed right in with the smaller ones. The keys for the shallow bite have been the presence of baitfish, aquatic vegetation, or flooded bushes. Clouds and wind definitely help the shallow bite, but I’ve been having success on calm, sunny days too.
If it’s not happening shallow, I am finding some nice fish in 6-15 feet of water on points and secondary points. I’m staying on the main lake and the mouths of creeks. Jigs, heavy shaky heads, and a 3/8oz Texas rig have been good.
Any where I get one bite, either shallow or deeper, I am usually getting several more in the same area. The fish are definitely ganged up in small groups. So be thorough in an area when you catch one.