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Lake Fork Report with Huge Bass Pictures!

Right now we are in the transition from spring to summer here on Lake Fork. This spring was one of the toughest because of weather mainly, but we had some of the best days I’ve experienced in the Lake Fork guide business. Up until recently, a good day for me was getting a few of those giant bass that Lake Fork is famous for (not numbers). However, numbers were great from late April up until the past week.


Every May there is a period where the shallow patterns of spring fade, and the deep patterns of summer are about to begin. That is where we are right now. It wont be long and we will be fishing that deep, offshore structure that many of us enjoy. Currently the Lake Fork level is about 7


Here are some recent pictures from incredible days here on Lake Fork in my boat. There are no two images of the same fish, so these pictures account for some awesome days.



Lake Fork Report

Lake Fork produced it’s first truly giant bass in years this past week! Weighing in at 15.49lbs, this fish is the biggest reported from Lake Fork since early 2013. It was entered into the Share-A-Lunker program, Lake Fork’s first entry since November 2014. It’s good to see the lake is still capable of producing a fish of that caliber. It would be a dream come true to see a customer of mine catch a bass like that!

The fish was caught on a jig in 4′ of water on the day of the full moon in March.

The lake has been through a lot the past couple of weeks. We had somewhere around 12 inches of rain over an 8 day period. That left the lake high and muddy. We are recovering from that now, however, and the fishing gets much better over periods of stability! Our florida strain bass here in Lake Fork are set in their ways, they don’t care much for abrupt changes in their environment!

Water temperatures are getting close to the magic 60 degree mark in some areas. The average temperature is in the upper 50’s in most areas. At the time of this report our lake level is 403.24. That is a couple inches above full pool. Having those gates closed at the dam is the most critical factor in the quality of fishing, in my opinion. Don’t ask me why, but the fishing is tough here when the Sabine River Authority is releasing water.

I’m focusing on finding the big prespawn fish as they move into their spawning areas. Things are changing daily so it is definitely helpful being on the water every day right now. A customer boated a 9lb 14oz. beauty last week, and we had a very good day later in the week when they had to close the gates. It was tougher after they opened again, but they’ve got the lake level under control now, hopefully.

It’s going to be a busy spring! If you’re looking for a Lake Fork guide, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will help all I can!


Above is the 15.49 caught last Friday. I was not involved in this catch, but felt it was well worth including in this Lake Fork report. Below is the 9lb 14oz boated my customer last week.


Flooded cover is abundant!



December Lake Fork Report and Big Bass Pictures!

As you can see from the pictures below, we’ve had some big fish recently! November wasn’t quite the numbers month it had been in years past, but it turned out to be a great month for big bass. Each big fish we boated came from deep, offshore structure.

The water temperature right now is in the mid 50’s. Hopefully it continues to go down. The fishing is better for me when we have a normal winter. The water level is about 1.5′ below full pool. As of right now, the deeper fish are holding around 20′. However, we are at the time of year where I start to go a little more shallow.

It’s no secret that I love the winter months. Winter is all about quality over quantity. Being cold blooded, they do slow down in the winter. Although, big bass, especially the females, have to eat in order to maintain their body weight and support the developing eggs they’ll be laying in spring.

Big bass always like deep water access close by, but this seems to be more important in the colder months. Big fish will position in areas where the can move vertically to change depth and still relate to the bottom. A ledge is a perfect form of structure for a bass in the winter. If the sun is out and warms the surface a bass can easily rise in the water column to “soak up some rays”. However, if a cold front comes along, all the fish will need to do is drop down a few feet to a more stable temperature.

Creek channels, ditches, and drains are prime areas for the bigger fish in winter. I like the 8-12′ depth best, but will often target areas in shallow water if conditions call for it. The presence of aquatic vegetation is a big bonus. The grass will hold some warmth from the sun, produce oxygen, and provide as cover for protection.

I’m looking forward to the next couple months. Winter is nice and quiet around here. I enjoy having the lake to myself and the anticipation of that big bite! Remember, the Texas State Record Largemouth was caught on Lake Fork in January!

Check out these giant Lake Fork bass! There are no two pictures of the same fish.


Giant Bag on Lake Fork! 42lbs 7oz.

42lbs 7oz for our best five bass on Lake Fork! What an incredible day! I’ve had several great days where our top five breached 40lbs, but never in June. Fishing has been great for big fish lately, but this was an extra-special day.

You’ll see I caught a few good ones too. Don and Frank insisted I fish as well. Anytime a “sweet spot” was identified I turned around and casted the opposite direction. I only caught 4 out of the 25-30 fish for the day. Don broke his personal best twice!

Our weights were as follows (pounds/ounces): 9.4, 9.1, 8.9, 8.5, 7.4. We also had one that I caught that would’ve culled the 7.4, but probably would’ve only added a pound. We didn’t weigh that one, so I didn’t include it in the top five.

We caught almost every single fish on a Santone football jig. We caught them from 15′ deep down to 25′. If you’re coming to Lake Fork, or choosing on of the Lake Fork guides, I hope you’ll give me a call and let me help you on your upcoming trip.

Here are some of our fish from the big day.