Trophy bass fishing on world famous Lake Fork

Trophy Hunting on Lake Fork

This is the time of year many anglers set aside their fishing gear to go deer hunting. Well, here on Lake Fork this is a good time of year to go hunting as well. However, I’m referring to trophy bass hunting of course. Our over all numbers have been a little lower all year, but this has been my best year for size. Right now is no exception. We aren’t catching that many largemouth in any given day, but we are catching a few big ones. The bass are using the same deep structure (20-30′) that the white bass and yellow bass are using. We are having to weed through one white or yellow bass after another and then we get a nice surprise with a big bass.

The exciting thing about fishing deep structure this time of year is that the structure is covered with 5-10″ yellow bass or juvenile white bass, and shad of course. This means the bass hanging around are going to be big fish feeding on big forage. The first Share-A-Lunker of the season was turned in today and it was caught in the midst of white and yellow bass.

Also, my friend Jason Hoffman and I filmed another episode of DFW Outdoorsman with former Dallas Cowboy Marcus Spears Tuesday. The show went great, we caught some big ones and I can’t wait to see how it turned out. I will post the link when the show is aired.

The jig bite is starting to turn on as well. We caught a few fishing that pattern today. So we have some great big fish options going right now. I’m really excited about the next few weeks, this is the time for trophy hunters to get serious and go for that one big bite. The following pictures are from the last few weeks, but the really big fish are soon to come, trust me 🙂